Why buy Organic Milk?

Milk is good. Organic milk is even better.

There have been many studies by various bodies and they are constantly proving the health benefits of organic milk.

For starters, organic farms have to meet criteria set out by organic governing bodies (ACOS in the UK). These include making sure the soil is healthy, the cows are happy, the environment is considered and also, that their staff are loved and cherished!

So the milk comes to us with love.

It’s not just about the taste either. Other significant reasons for choosing organic milk include:

  1. Farmers having to naturally grow and have naturally enriched pasture which ensures healthy soil – no fertilisers, no pesticides and no herbicides.
  2. Ecosystems on organic farms work with nature and have a more natural cycle – this gives more variety of life to the farm and the environment.
  3. Bugs are used as pest controllers and crop rotation is used to help fertilize.
  4. Farmers have breeds of cow that are known to have stronger immunity against disease.
  5. If the cows do get sick, they are treated naturally.
  6. No growth hormones are used (these are used otherwise to increase milk production).
  7. The cows often eat plenty of red clover which increases fertility in the soil and is rich in omega 3 fatty acid. This comes up the food chain to us and that benefits brains and behaviour.
  8. Organic milk is also full of other great nutrients including vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, beta carotene and antioxidants.