Facts about smoothies

Blueberry Kale Chia Seed, Maca Powder and Coconut water smoothie

Smoothies are definately NOT the same as juices. A juice is just the juice. Nothing else. You get nutrients super fast with a juice. A smoothie is a drink constructed from whole ingredients that are pulped and blended together, so you get the nutrients gradually. The added benefit of smoothies is that you can throw in extra good stuff and supercharge them! Add a booster to your smoothie to supercharge it, read the full article to find out about some of my favourite boosters and what they do for you.

Blueberries - little blue bullets of health. Pop up everywhere because they’re so good. Full of bio-flavonoids and vitamins A and C. They are great for eyes, blood vessels and immunity. Have a handful a day.
Maca Powder – the Peruvian super-food. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, it’s a big energy giver and mood enhancer – well it is known as the aphrodisiac of the Andes! Add a good teaspoonful to a smoothie.
Kale – loaded with nutrition – particularly vitamins A, K and C, flavonoids and omega 3. Good for skin, bones and cleansing.
Coconut Water – the hydrator. Gets some bad press because pasteurised has been heated before packaging. This depletes nutrients but there’s still more nutrients in it than not having it at all!
Chia Seeds – have a higher omega 3 fat content than salmon and despite what is written – they’re easy to get into the diet. In a smoothie, blend or grind a bit before you blend it into the smoothie – that way you get to the nutrients quicker.