Crucial Cleanse

So . . . we are 21 days into 2014, how are your resolutions going? We've been producing fresh cold pressed juices and raw food and delivering to our clients who have started their year with a Crucial Food cleanse. But why cleanse?Raw food can really fight it's own corner - the science tells us that it's good for us and everyone loves "the science bit" (even if the expression grates). Heat destroys nutrients, toxins get formed, the body works best in an alkaline state - anyway that is a whole other blog. Juicing on the other hand gets good and bad press. So the question is to juice or not to juice?

Why Juice


Juicing is healthy, but like most things nutritional it needs more backup. So why juice? Juicing gives us a quick delivery of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and good plant stuff (phytonutrients). It gives the body a chance to rest and deal with other processes going on it in (and there is a lot). It is pretty much common knowledge that fruit and vegetables give us antioxidants, some easy to remember (or say) Vitamins A C E others don’t flow off the tongue so easily, like anthocyanadins and lycopenes. Anyway who cares whether you can say it - it's what they do for us that’s important.

Why juice?

As the body rests great things can start to happen. Clearer skin, clarity of thought, better energy, stronger immunity, improved sleep patterns and an overall spring in your step.

Why not juice?

The popular discussion seems to be the high fructose intake with fruit only juices. The trick is to not overdo it (we suggest 1-5 days) and to combine veg and fruit in the same juice.

Fruit and veg combined not only reduces the fructose intake but also gives a wider variety of nutrients. The detox symptoms  (e.g. drop in energy and spots!) can also be off putting. But these are all good signs and if the cleanse is nutritionally balanced to your specific needs you will pop out the other side feeling the benefits.

Remember cleansing isn't just for January - the Crucial kitchen is open all year!