Sweet Relief : Sugar vs Sweet Freedom

March 02, 2015

Sweet Freedom ...this stuff has won awards it’s that good and healthy.

Here are the facts…

  • Sweet Freedom is a natural liquid alternative to sugar. Its made from apples, grapes and carob.
  • And they’ve even considered people with allergies so it’s made in a nut free factory.
  • There are no chemicals, preservatives and additives involved at all in its production.
  • 25% less calories than sugar
  • And it comes in a squeezey bottle which is less messy than teaspoons and dribbles!

In case you don't know, carob is an edible caffeine free bean that is naturally sweet and full of nutrients including calcium.

Sweet Freedom also has lower levels of fructose, 23g per 100g as opposed to honey (40g) and agave syrup (90g).

So why is this good?

  • Fructose is good for us in the small amount that is in fruit and vegetables but in higher amounts the body struggles to use it efficiently and it gets transported as fats into the bloodstream. These are not much use to anyone!
  • Fructose also doesn’t go through the normal route that ends up telling us that we’re full and so we end up eating more than we need. That’s not great either!

It’s great on porridge and pancakes, in drinks, cakes and biscuits and on toast. Basically wherever you like to sweeten!

And now they've been really clever and brought out Choc Shot ...basically healthy liquid chocolate that you can use as you would Sweet Freedom but it's chocolate flavour!

Guilt free chocolate milk shake - what could be better to cool you down (once the sun comes out again!)