Brain Food

The wrong foods often feel like the right ones when our brain feels tired. Sugar and caffeine just seem to hit the spot and help to lift the mood and make us concentrate better.  But they’re not right – they give us the hit we are looking for at the time but ultimately they’re making us grumpy, forgetful and craving for more! Studies show that people who eat well at breakfast and continue to eat well throughout the day have better mood, better concentration and overall better behaviour! So the great brain nutrients include macronutrients protein, fat and carbohydrate. As well as these, antioxidants are crucial because they protect the brain from damage, iron is good for more energy and choline (from eggs) is THE brainy chemical! And remember … ‘food is an important part of a balanced diet’!

Foods to feed your Brain

Why? Because the brain is a complex character and needs lots of love and attention: It needs protein to make the chemical messengers that tell us how we think and feel. It needs good fat ( 3) to help those chemical messengers be received and sent. It needs good sugar from carbohydrate to provide the energy to make all this happen.

Where do we get these nutrients? It’s easy :-
  • Blueberry or mixed berry smoothie made with coconut water, chia seeds and almond butter
  • Scrambled eggs mixed with chopped cherry tomatoes rolled up in a wholegrain wrap
  • Grilled marinated salmon served with roasted vegetable, pumpkin seed and quinoa salad