Have a break from 21st century living! 

Created by Ruth Wood, our Founder + Clinical Nutritionist, they are mainly designed to give your body a rest from caffeine, alcohol, sugar and junk.

Our detoxes are delicious and interesting + with 7 elements a day you shouldn’t go hungry either. Our detoxes are not a weight loss plan but most people naturally lose some weight by just cleaning up their diet.

Food & Juice detoxes include a combination of solid food, juices and soups.

Soup & Juice detoxes are mostly liquid and therefore some people may find it more of a challenge.

Drinks + soups are loaded with all the good nutrients that are easily absorbed in liquid form. Salads and breakfasts provide fibre and another dose of essential nutrients.


Please note that you need to order at least 72 hours before the start of your detox.

Detoxes are available to collect from The Hogarth Club during club opening hours or can be delivered free to the following postcodes - W3, W4 W6, W12, SW13, SW14. For deliveries outside these postcodes please email your enquiry to mailus@crucialfood.com. We are a small company with a limited capacity each week, please book your detox ASAP to avoid disappointment. Note that you need to order at least 3 days before the start of your detox.

As the Crucial Detoxes have a restriction on protein and fat, as well as the fact that our juices have no added preservatives and are unpasteurized, they may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, individuals with compromised immune systems, some medical conditions or medications, as well as children and the elderly, are not advised to do a Cleanse. For further information please refer to our FAQs or send an email to mailus@crucialfood.com.

Crucial meal plans

We can also provide meal plans for people who want to just clean up their diet and be a bit healthier! These are popular with a lot of our clients who maybe work long hours, are recovering from illness + or just find cooking through the week a bit of a chore.

We’ll tailor it to suit your needs which should help motivate you to break some old bad habits plus create some new good ones!

Available on weekdays – Monday to Friday.

 Contact us at mailus@crucialfood.com with any enquiries.