At Crucial Food we deliver tasty, high quality and healthy food, crafted from quality ingredients that feed your mind and body with the nutrition that it needs. 

We want Crucial Food to make you feel good, keep you energised and make you more alert - ideal whether you are working or playing.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Ruth Wood, clinical nutritionist and founder of Crucial Food. Ruth spent 12 years working in the travel industry before becoming a nutritionist. Whilst travelling not only did she see some amazing  places and ‘lived the dream’ she learnt about food and cooking. Before travelling, she couldn’t really boil an egg, didn’t know that fish could taste great without being from the chippy and had never tried anything remotely exotic like a passion fruit!

Ruth studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, qualifying in 2000 as a nutritionist (MBant, DipION). She has worked in a clinical capacity for the last 12 years providing nutritional advice in several rehabilitation clinics including the Priory Group supporting patients nutritionally through various addictions and recovery. Ruth has also had an advisory role as a clinical nutritionist to a number of autistic schools around the country. 

Over the last 5 years Ruth has focused more on cooking and the preparation of nutritious meals for her private clients and found the demand so high that her dream was to open a health café.

Ruth has now found her ideal job as co-founder of Crucial Café at The Hogarth Club.