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It’s the silly season and we’re not saying (of course!) to go and get wasted but where there’s booze the chances of a hangover are pretty strong..

Don’t just throw any old thing together… Here’s a couple of Crucial cures that can quickly help you rehydrate, detoxify and get rid of horrible hangover nausea.

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

Handful of strawberries or other berries

1 large banana or 1 medium avocado

300ml coconut water….or filtered / bottled water ..

Handful of cashews or almonds

5-6 mint leaves

Blend the nuts with the water first for about 30 seconds then throw everything else in . . .

Berries are one of the best ingredients for a hangover – they help metabolise alcohol
Bananas contain potassium to help with hydration and provide sugar to pick that
Coconut water / water – the best hydrators
Cashews and almonds – provide the protein and can help alleviate the nausea
Mint (+ water and berries) – great for sorting out the digestive system (without going into too much detail!)…