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Exciting News!

Crucial Food have been delivering The Raw Cleanse food parcels to the lovely people at Source over the past few months. They have enjoyed the food and the results so much they have kindly asked us to go into partnership with them on their mobile app that offers a digital lifestyle service.

Source promises to deliver “Lifestyle at your fingertips”. It’s a smart and intuitive mobile app that, whilst providing informative content about a range of lifestyle interests, allows you to effortlessly request and tailor bespoke products & services on the go using the in-built interactive chat.

We’re really excited to be working with them. We’ve negotiated a free, no-strings, 6-month membership for Crucial Food clients. To download the app you’ll need a special ‘Invitation Code’ that you can get by emailing or calling us. Once you have that, go to the Apple app store (it’s not available on other platforms yet), search ‘source lifestyle’, and you’ll see the bell icon.

Happy “Sourcing”!

Love Ruth