Home cooked healthy meals

Home cooked healthy meals

Tailor-made food prepared for you

Tailor-made food prepared for you

Menus created for your nutritional needs

Menus created for your nutritional needs

Free delivery

Free delivery

Hello we are Crucial. We live for nutrition.

Nourish yourself with positive nutrition and healthy food.

Crucial Food has been established to provide nutritional advice and nutritionally balanced food.

Food is fun. But we also know that we need to take it seriously and make the right choices. Our bodies love fresh ingredients – the purer the food, the better they can repair themselves, get good energy and be happy.

Our quest is to help you be healthier by maintaining a way of eating that works long term. No faddy dieting – just making the right choice for you so you can love your food!


A little bit about me...


Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork

Most of us love the idea of eating well or at least, better.

The hard bit is putting into action all the information we’re armed with – usually through lack of time, dislike of cooking or both.

It’s good to be excited about your food and Crucial knows about the importance of nutritional balance and making food taste good.

The food is made with a Crucial nutritional brain, Love and attention and can be personalised to suit your own goals.

Crucial Food for the freezer is delivered to you for a minimum of 10 days.

Crucial Food for the fridge is delivered to you for a minimum of 3 days.

We deliver to the following postcode areas :

W3 W4 W6 W12 TW1 TW2 TW3 TW7 TW8 TW9 TW10 SW13 SW14.

Ask about other areas, we are flexible!

Please get in touch to find out costs and more.

Crucial Food for the freezer

Lunches and dinners • 10 days • 20 days • 30 days • 90 days

Crucial Food for the fridge

Breakfast, lunch and dinner • 3 days


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Superfoods are foods considered to be nutrient dense – those that have health benefits greater than the raw food itself…. In other words they’re ‘mega’ healthy. But ‘Superfoods’ is a marketing term. It hasn’t come from years of scientific research. They’re fashionable – a bit like perms and mullets once were but thankfully with more [...]

I’m a fan of raw food. It’s a big part of what we deliver at Crucial – raw food cleanses. We love them. But how beneficial and sustainable is a raw food diet 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Apart from the nutritional benefits, shouldn’t the psychological ones be considered too? I can’t [...]

Hardcore Hangover Smoothie – for the ones really suffering! Ingredients 100ml coconut or filtered water 1 apple cored and chopped ½ small cucumber Handful of spinach or kale ½ avocado Juice of half a lemon 1 tbsp.honey/Sweet Freedom or Agave Syrups 1 tsp. extra-virgin coconut oil if you have it Thumb size piece of ginger [...]

It’s the silly season and we’re not saying (of course!) to go and get wasted but where there’s booze the chances of a hangover are pretty strong.. Don’t just throw any old thing together… Here’s a couple of Crucial cures that can quickly help you rehydrate, detoxify and get rid of horrible hangover nausea. Strawberries [...]

The sun’s out … a great start to the day – and to add to that sunshiny feeling, Vietnamese salad is on the Crucial menu today. I’m a big fan of Asian food it’s raw, refreshing and you just know it’s healthy. This salad takes me back to backpacking days spent on beaches, in the [...]

I LOVE SOUP. Any time of year, thick and chunky, spicy and noodly, soup with the texture of baby food – I really love it. Even cold. Soup is just something that’s good for us that doesn’t take too much effort or require too much perfection in the preparation. You can pack it with protein [...]

Exciting News! Crucial Food have been delivering The Raw Cleanse food parcels to the lovely people at Source over the past few months. They have enjoyed the food and the results so much they have kindly asked us to go into partnership with them on their mobile app that offers a digital lifestyle service. Source [...]

Food is love. Food is medicine. Food is life. However we look at it, it’s everywhere and we really can’t live without it. Food is a part of socialising and celebration. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings and festivals just wouldn’t be the same without food. Meals symbolise sharing and nurturing and passing on recipes helps us to [...]


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